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Lylla is the first Ball Jointed doll by Moonlight Jewel.

She fits perfectly into Barbie tops, YOSD tops and into some MSD bottoms (Minifee). Littlefee shoes seem to be a good fit as well. For more exact dimensions Here is a chart with all the important measurements:


Eye size: 18-20 mm
Head Size: 21 cm
Height: 30 cm
Chest: 10 cm
Shoulder width: 5 cm
Arm length: 8 cm
Waist: 10.5 cm
Hip: 16 cm
Leg length: 10.5 cm
Thigh circumference: 7.2 cm
Calf circumference: 6.2 cm
Feet length: 3.8 cm
Feet width: 1.6 cm

Available Colors are:

Chocolate Latte – 455€/490$
Fresh Mint – 455€/490$
Taro Bubble – 455€/490$
Sweet Peach – 435€/470$